The summer school will be taught by scholars from a variety of disciplines and international filmmakers involved in the various stages of film production. 

Senior Faculty

James FORSHER (director, producer, writer)
Alexandra GANSER (University of Vienna)
Julia HÜTTNER (University of Vienna)
Carole KIRSCHNER (producer, coach)
Rainer M. KÖPPL (University of Vienna)
Kurt LANGBEIN (filmmaker)
Miriam MAYRHOFER (University of Vienna)
Renée von PASCHEN (translator, poet)
Victoria Rose SAMPSON (producer, writer, director)
Fred SCHREIBER (tv and radio maker)
Stephen SHEPPARD (writer, editor, producer)

Junior Faculty

Petra LADINIGG (University of Vienna)
Kora SCHUSTER (University of Vienna)
Eva Maria SCHÖRGENHUBER (University of Vienna)